Shop Small. 

📷 loc: favorite park in London – Clissold park 

I’ve been teetering back and forth on what I want to include in this blog and what kind of audience I want to attract to hopefully gain loyal followers and it came down to this: families.

Whether it be new families, families of three, growing families, jet setting families or even just furball families, we are all part of one. What do you fall in?  Mine is a growing jet setting family (4 in August with a little furball back in California).

With that in mind, my goal is to provide one review weekly on a product I would like to share with you in hopes you will want in your family and also shop small when you can for all those working so hard to fulfill their dream of being the entrepreneur, owner, and boss of their future.

We all have to start somewhere and just need customers to get the ball rolling up the roller coaster of a ride we are on. 

From Instagram, I stumbled upon pickyourplum and I can say I’m obsessed. I have turned on notifications for them and also subscribe to their emails. Just seeing the crazy discounts they have for these sweet and different daily deals will make you sing this tune as well.  Pickyourplum launched in April 2011 from a small customer base and wow have they grown.  I applaud you for all your hard work and you are an inspiration to working hard reaching your goals.  They seriously have some beautiful and unique products from boutiques dreamed up in the USA. My latest little purchase from them is home decor for our California home when we’re missing traveling the world next year.

How neat is this?

Del Hutson Designs can be found on etsy or their website.

(Disclaimer: I just ordered this so haven’t received yet but am definitely expecting to fall in love!)

Cheers and thanks for the read!

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