Baby #2 Announcement. 

It’s amazing how quickly a toddler learns and retains the information you give. We’ve been telling her she’s going to be a big sister for awhile now and also asking her if she wants a baby brother or sister. 80% of the time she will say baby sister and the remainder she will say baby brother (this is usually with Daddy present). I also wonder if it’s what we say last to them and they retain that “noun” and repeat that.

Anyhow, we took Abigail with us to get the ultrasound and she watched the monitor intently at its fingers, head, and heart until the technician asked us if we wanted to know gender. Oh yes please!

“It’s a girl!”

My husband’s face was definitely classic. I, on the other hand, was thinking they will be two peas in a pod (3 years apart) and I can dress and accessorize them in the cutest outfits.

With the finally fabulously warm London weather, we took this opportunity to snap some pictures in our neighborhood. Toddler & balloon love – can’t go wrong. I do wish I had the creativity and skills for some of these other to die for baby announcements. This was my favorite site to look at by pregnant chicken. Separated by categories – nicely done!


Cheers for now!

2 thoughts on “Baby #2 Announcement. 

  1. Congratulations! May joy, blessings and years of sweet giggles fill your home. I am sure, that the gift of baby number two, will help to inspire a wonderful addition to your fabulous children’s series. Can we expect ‘S’ is for Sisters?

    Stop me if you heard this before, but I was watching the episode House Hunters International which featured your search for the perfect transition home. I was so moved by your dedication as a family to take this leap across ‘the Pond’ so that you could focus on your career as an author, as well as your husband’s loving support of this career establishing endeavor! Although the focus of the show was of course to show us your property selection process, I found myself falling in love with your literary style and the snippets of information that revealed your source of inspiration, your adorable daughter, Abigail.

    I am a retired Elementary School Principal, grades Pre-K – 8th grade with thirty five years of experience in the field of education. I myself have taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade as well as the junior high grades. My primary degree is Human Development with my Masters in Education with an emphasis on Reading and Comprehension. I also have a Multiple Subject/Multi Age Teaching Credential grades K-8, a Preschool credential in DevelopmentalTeaching Strategies and creative Alternative Classroom Environments. I am sharing this information with you AJ only because I want to pay you a compliment from an educational perspective and I thought that if you had a bit of my background, then perhaps, you would understand the lens through which I was left spell bound when I discovered your stunning books for the first time.

    As you know, the bookstore shelves are filled with Board Books in all shapes and sizes. Their subject content varies and illustrators will sometimes throw in a few extra sparkles and bits of fake fur to make up for the lack of content. It’s unfortunate, but the average indivual does not realize that as humans, we are, ‘Hard wired’ for language as demonstrated in the research by Noam Chomsky and his work in the landmark study of ‘Language Aquisition Device.’

    Thankfully, creative and gifted, angel authors like yourself, write for a generation of children and beyond. Your words are a magically woven tapestry. To a toddler’s ear, the words are melodic, fun to hear, and because of your expert use of alliteration, children are able to remember phrases like words to a song. With the combination of your perfectly crafted stories along with your whimsical images, a toddler’s imagination is engaged into that wonderful world of make believe.

    Because of your books great appeal to your young fans, they are learning the skill sets necessary to be happy, lifetime learners and readers. Starting with the basics of holding a book, turning its pages and the directionality of reading left to right, your books are a complete lesson, but in an authentic manner. From a literary perspective, the length of your stories are perfect to hold the three minute attention span of your oldest ‘clients’. You so seamlessly incorporate the use of alliteration in all of your stories which leads to a child’s understanding of syllables. Overall, each of your books are just a treasure trove of phonetic development skills which occur over time in the loving arms of the child’s caretaker.

    AJ, I am sharing my thoughts and reflections with you because I so wish that I was still in my position as a Principal. I guarantee that I would have a minimum of five sets of your books for my average preschool class size of 25 students. These sets would be for teacher directed circle activities. I would also have several sets on display to show parents with the suggestion that your series would be the perfect addition to their family library. I would also have several sets in the libraries positioned throughout the preschool for our almost four year olds and my almost five year olds. I strongly believe that your books would be the perfect tool to assist an older child who may be struggling with a few early reading skills.

    Do you have any of your books published in a soft cover for the five or six year old in a Kindergarten-First grade classroom where a Board Book would not be accepted by their peers? I believe that the content and themes of your stories are well suited for a five-six year old whose reading skill set is delayed, but I know that there would be push back and rejection of the idea of using a board book in the classroom. I am not sure how cost effective it would be for your publishing house to create a few samples. Of the schools that have your books that have multi age programs could perhaps give you some feedback that perhaps that you could then present to your publisher. It wouldn’t require a new book to be written, just a new printing format. It would also meet the needs of the “Special Needs” learner as well. I am not sure what term the educational system is used in the UK for meeting the needs of these learners, but I tank the themes of your books would be so lovely for these special students.

    Now my only wish is that I was a grandma. I must patiently wait. I certainly put out enough hints to my children. LOL. I can’t wait for my friends to become grandmas because I now know the perfect gift to buy.😊

    Thank you for allowing me to write so much unsolicited information and advice. I adored my position as principal. I had to retire early due to Lupus when it started to cause strokes and seizures. AJ, it excites me when I find someone as gifted as you who I know is having a huge impact on the learning of our world’s children. I am so moved by your philanthropic efforts as well. May you and your family be blessed for your kindness and commitment to the greater good of mankind. I can’t wait to see your next story and ‘chapter’ in your life.

    Thank You,
    Kathy Jones


    • Wow, this definitely tops the chart as making me feel that writing this alphabet book series is meaningful and touches the lives of both adults and little ones. I’m absolutely thrilled you took the time to write this, Kathy. It’s really heartwarming to read and glad that the writing I learned in school has made an impact to the person I am today. I truly hope that a child’s imagination never disappears!

      Great idea about soft cover. I will look into at as it is definitely a lower cost to print!

      I hope you take care of yourself as well and saddened to hear you had to retire. You are the type of person we need in the education system.

      Thank you again and hope you have grandkids really soon. 🙂



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