Father’s Day Love. 

This crazy jet lag tied to being 30 weeks pregnant is keeping me wide awake so I decided to share a little something more personal since it is also Father’s Day – my dad. 

My dad passed very suddenly of a heart attack almost 5 years ago (July 9, 2011). I will never forget that day hearing the news and just wondering how this could happen – he ate relatively healthy, exercised, and it just wasn’t fair.  He didn’t get to walk me down the aisle 4 months later, didn’t get to see more of the world as he had just retired, didn’t get to enjoy a full life of events with my mom, but the one thing that hit me the most now that I’m a mom is that his almost 4 grandchildren (my older brother has 2) will never get to meet their amazing grandpa. 

Abigail will never get to hear his jokes, witness his always calm demeanor, learn how to swim with him, eat Doritos nacho flavored and his handmade salsa, or spend weekends at the grandparents while mom and dad go places. What she will get are stories about him and that he is watching her from up in the sky.  Do you have any other ideas on what you would do with your toddler? 

What strikes me is how intuitive she is.  She knows him by name and has asked on numerous occasions to see him at 2 years old. How does she have such good selective memory already in knowing about one of her grandpas?! Toddlers and their thought process along with their never ending questions to find an answer.  Amazing – do you notice this in your kids?

This also always gets me thinking that our time is really precious and we should always value it for it can be taken with the blink of an eye. Take pictures/videos to capture the moment!  It can be tedious now, but you will love it later and so will your grandchildren (wow, that makes us sound old). 

On a lighter note, our Father’s Day present is a shadow box with four of the Marval comics Lego figures telling Ba-bee (Abigail calls her Dad this which is awesome since I called my Dad this too – in mandarin “Dad” is “baba” and sounds like we both just couldn’t get it right 😳) that he is her superhero. 

Because, I wish I could do it myself, but creatively can’t make it look as nice as what I picture in my head, we found this shop on Instagram called Namesake Gifts and she does some of the cutest things. Definitely, check them out for future custom gifts for those living in the UK. 

Care to share what your gift is and what you have planned?

📷: Abigail @ age 2. October 2015

📷: Showing off her counting skills. 

📷: Abigail @ age 1. 

📷: Abigail @ about 9 months. 

To my Dad, happy Dad’s day! I hope you’re proud of me and thank you for telling me to follow my dreams – becoming a children’s author is quite a milestone. 

Cheers for now and hope you all have a fabulous Father’s Day weekend. 

One thought on “Father’s Day Love. 

  1. In the midst of it these past four years, I have really disconnected with your life events. I am quiet shocked to hear about your dad’s sudden passing 4 years ago. I am so sorry… Your daughter sounds so bright, my 4 year old son – almost 5 next month still does not grasp the concept of two sets of grandparents. for whatever it’s worth, your blog is pretty awesome. I have no doubt your dad is very proud of you…. I know I am impressed. 🙂


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