Flying With a Toddler.

I can easily say that it definitely takes rolling with the punches to make your flight enjoyable. The less you stress, the more memorable and relaxed you’ll be.

With flying in Europe, it’s really not bad. The cost for the cheaper airlines (e.g. ryanair, easy jet, lufthansa ) only include a free small carry on and toddlers have to pay for a seat when they turn 2 years old.  Checking in luggage is pricey so we usually did just the carry on since we mainly do long weekend trips. I found delicious baby to be helpful with the process to getting to the airport and surviving the flight.

What to pack on the flight to survive your toddler (around 2 years old) in her favorite backpack from skiphop:

  • Crayons roll and fall on the floor so unless you want to be constantly picking it up, just give them a pen or one crayon to draw with.
  • Stickers/post its and 2-3 figurines to play with. I say 2-3 of their favorites as the little table is only so big and they only have 2 hands.
  • iPad/iPhone/tablet has been our savior and A knows what a treat it is to play with it now.
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks! Go for easy to eat products (e.g. squeeze pouches, pretzels, cereals, cut fruit, lollipops) or don’t forget to bring wipes! Try not to bring food they haven’t tried to avoid an upset stomach.
  • Water!  I haven’t had much problem with bringing water through security (they’ll check that it is water). We currently use the kid’s bobble as it has a filter and doesn’t leak!  Major kudos to them on a perfect water bottle on the go.
  • The secret weapon in Europe – kinder egg. If they’re not a sleeper on a flight, this can be your last resort to “positive reinforcement.” Did you know they’re supposedly currently banned from being sold in the United States? …or bringing their favorite #lovebooksbyaj

That pretty much sums it up on flying in Europe with a toddler. Just remember if they’re being a monster on the flight, most people will understand, so, just tend to your toddler as relaxed as you and your other half can be.

Cheers for now.

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