Jumping On.

After hearing many tell me I should start a blog specifically on WordPress as I currently already write a bit for other online sites (e.g. yelp, tripadvisor or whoa, remember xanga?), I decided to finally jump on.

This blog can include but not limited to more details from our adventures, life in London (we’re in year 2), food (eating out/cooking at AJ flat), products I love/could do without, tidbits of things I read and want to share, or just the roller coaster journey I’m on as a SAHM following my dreams. And, I can’t forget being pregnant with baby #2 due on my birthday – August 21.

I’ll try to keep these as short/concise as possible as we all know there is only so many seconds in a day to just “surf” the web. Please also do tell me what you’re interested in reading more/less of as I will post at least once a week (hopefully more).  I already can’t thank you all enough for even reading up to here and would love for it to continue.

A picture of our little family (minus our dog, Mochi, in California) last year when the rapeseeds were in full bloom (they’re currently in bloom now!) .  Yes, they’re called rapeseeds – 3rd most important crop in the UK after wheat and barley.

Now (our most recent airplane trip to Croatia). Top of the mountain overlooking Dubrovnik. AH-mazing.

Cheers for now!

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